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Three Good Things: Good?

1. It's overcast this morning, contrary to earlier forecasts. I always prefer for it to be overcast in the morning because it makes the transition from my nice, cozy home to the unforgiving outside world a bit smoother.

2. I have seen an adorable baby bunny for several mornings in a row. I suspect her of chewing on my pumpkin vine, but I forgive her on account of she's totally squee-worthy and wee. (and bonus! I have at least one pumpkin getting really big, which is probably well beyond the point of vulnerability to damage by bunny.)

3. The book I got from my therapist on this type of group therapy she wants me to try is very interesting. It's inspiring me to lots of thinkiness, even if I don't buy all of its assertions. Some of the descriptions of emotional dysfunction sound very much like myself, and some just entirely don't. (bonus! I get to go over all of that with Warm, Friendly Therapist on Friday.)

And now, a poll.

I find the "three good things" meme on Fenriss' LJ

Pleasant/Useful. It's refreshing to see some positivity around here
Eh. I skim past.
It's OK, but I wish you'd post more content, frankly.
Irritating. It's just another pointless meme.


Jul. 29th, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
but it really isn't you -- it's me
Due to some terrible personality quirk, I think I would enjoy these posts more if they were not called out specifically as "three good things". I love their content! I like hearing from you! Somehow the framing makes it seem like you're forcing yourself to do it; like it's less than entirely genuine. Which doesn't mean it is, or that anything about it should change, or that forcing yourself to do it is bad. It just means I am strangely suspicious of too much positivity. Maybe? Normally I love organized fun. Argh, hopefully exactly what my problem is will be more obvious to somebody on the outside.
Jul. 29th, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
Re: but it really isn't you -- it's me
You do make a good point. I feel a little ridiculous typing the same subject line all the time, and it does feel a little forced. But the truth is, I kinda do have to force myself. It's a part of the therapeutic process for me, so there are certainly days when it doesn't feel natural.

Would it be better if I used different subject lines, or is it the exercise itself that's irksome? I understand being suspicious of too much positivity, but one of my most compelling reasons to do it is to try and balance out all the venting that people (myself very much included!) are inclined to do here. I could easily post everyday about how much it sucks to have a load of mood disorders, but who wants to listen to that, you know?
Jul. 29th, 2008 07:18 pm (UTC)
Re: but it really isn't you -- it's me
I think the thing with it feeling/being forced will probably work itself out over time as long as you keep at it. New things are awkward and it can take a while to hit your stride? *shrug*

So anyway, here are my three good things (although I just typed "three food things" which made me laugh and therefore may count as a fourth thing):
1. My car passed safety inspection!
2. Calbee caesar flavor snapea crips = lunchtime yum.
3. I got an antenna feed at work so I can get down to some hardcore on-air testing. Because I am dorktastic and think this qualifies as a pretty good time :)



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