Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Three good things OTD

1. My kitty's kidney enzymes are better according to the vet. Her kidneys will never be 100%, but I get to have her a little longer.
2. I think I found a good dress for the wedding I am in next month. Will report back after it has arrived in the mail.
3. They loosened the dress code a little at E's office, which should every so slightly ratchet down his general stress levels.

Fingers crossed, my new balance of meds are starting to work, and result in a perkier, more me-ish me. Funny thing about my annual cycle seems to be that, as much as I hate winter and love spring, I often have a down-turn in summer. It's not until August or so that I start feeling on top of things. Then that lasts until around the holidays, when the winter starts to make me feel like crap again. Wonder how I can manage to break out of that.
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