Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Sunday Dinner!

Contrary to all reason, I have decided that the Sunday after the Fourth is the best day to revive the Sunday Night Dinner Tradition. There seems to be some enthusiasm, so what the hell.

We're going to do a High Summertime theme around a roughly Caribbean menu. There will be grilled vegetables, some fancy rice and beans and some fish. Contributions of food and especially booze are welcome. Naturally, much of the fare will lean vegetarian, although I hear some folks mean to bring the flesh of God's creatures. That's fine, and there ought to be plenty grill space, but do NOT harass the vegetarians, or risk a grisly death at the jaws of the lawn bunnies.

The house should be presentable by 3 PM, and we will probably kick people out before 10 PM. I have to be up with the sun, so you don't have to go home, but... you know.

If you don't know where we live, drop me a line at msfenriss at gmail. Happy Fourth, ya'll.

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