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Word from Charon

OK, I just received email from Charon. Anyone who would care to help out can paypal a donation to Charon at oddangel dot com. She's on the road working, and will not be able to be at the Palace of Wonders tonight, so she's sent a message to be read to the assembly.

Hello to all~

Thank you for coming. I am so very sorry I cannot be here with all of
you and thank you personally. I am on the road earning money to keep
bill collectors happy and fed. We have a lot of them to feed these
days. At then end of next month, Johnny will have been disabled for an
entire year. It's crazy that it's been this long. Two doctors have
still not been able to patch his leg back together. One of them even
left bone protruding through the front of his leg for over seven
months until the new doctor took over. The new doctor will be
performing a third surgery on Johnny tomorrow afternoon, bringing our
grand total thus far to somewhere around 6. We've lost count, to be
honest. It is a bone graft to replace nearly three inches of bone that
have been lost to damage and infection. We hope it will be the last
surgery needed.

Johnny is in a great deal of pain as I'm sure you can imagine. What
you probably can't imagine is how incredibly frustrated and angry this
entire situation has left all of us. We cannot sue DC due to some sort
of statutory limitation of six months from the date of the incident.
The one lawyer we contacted during that time flat out refused to help
until a citation on the accident report had been taken care of.
Problem was, we couldn't get DC to locate any citation, or any
accident report. As of today, they tell us there is no accident report
and that no incident was recorded as occurring on that night at all.

As far as DC is concerned, none of this ever happened and we have no
recourse, not being able to afford a lawyer anyhow, regardless of any
statutes that may or may not apply.

Johnny has returned to work for his old plumbing company working
dispatch, the only sort of work he is allowed by his doctors and
bosses to do, and coping with the pain of having his leg beneath a
desk all day. Yesterday a customer called his superiors to complain
that he'd made a noise on the phone that suggested he was in pain. He
was actually reprimanded by the head office for it. If it weren't for
the fact that we need the insurance to keep our heads above water I
would have told him to quit a long time ago. I wouldn't mind
supporting him at all, but I would never be able to afford the full
medical bills on top of everything else. My job does not offer me
health insurance at all. Social security finally came through this
past February, but they pay us about a quarter of what his previous
wages were per month.

I don't tell you all of this to elicit sympathy. I tell you all this
in order to help you understand that you, all of you, are doing
something that no one else has been willing to do: You are helping an
honest hardworking man get back on his feet. You are helping us to
keep our home over our heads. You are caring enough to give something
of yourselves to someone having a very difficult time through no fault
of their own. We have called our Congressman about all of this, gone
to the media, and contacted two lawyers. None of them have helped. All
of you here tonight join with friends and family of ours who have
already extended what assistance they can, in truly making a
difference in the lives of some fellow human beings. You are stepping
up to tell us we matter, and that you share our frustration with the
system and its complete failure to assist in righting some very
grievous wrongs.

There are no words to thank you for this. Just know that our hearts
are very full of gratitude for your willingness to share what you have
with us in a time of genuine need. You are showing us that there
really are people out there who still believe that hard work and
honesty are worth supporting, most especially in people who cannot
currently support themselves.

Thank you, one and all. Thank you.

Charon* and Johnny
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