Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

It's ironic that they call it a sleep study

Given how little actual sleep happens. Although I'm given to understand that you actually can't tell when you're sleeping and when you aren't. Still, it felt like I dozed fitfully for at most a few hours, between trying to adjust the wires without disconnecting anything and trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The most entertaining part of the evening happened around 10 PM when I was sitting there getting hooked up. Fortunately E was still with me for moral support. The technician had gotten about half done gluing things to me when the frakking fire alarm goes off. Incredibly loudly. The tech, E and I all just stared at each other incredulously. We were the only people on the third floor. So off I shuffled, in nothing but a t-shirt and shorts (no shoes) followed by the tech, holding the brick sized unit I was attached to. We got to stand around the lobby with the cleaning crew until the fire trucks got there and it was determined that it was some sort of practical joke. Awesome!

After that, I was supposed to lie down and sleep. Fat chance. E left, and I just did deep breathing exercises in the dark until I must have drifted off. I woke often, and I'm pretty sure at least once it was due to that snoring/gasping thing that characterizes apnea. I sort of punched myself in the nose once, probably because there were at least two different kinds of sensors stuffed up there. I'm sure the video is superb entertainment.

I will find out next week if there's anything they can do to help me. Now, work.
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