Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Oh, give me strength

I just heard some people I previously considered pretty reasonable declaring their admiration for McCain. Urge to kill rising.

And it's gray and chilly. And there are wolves after me.

I meant to try to make a nice, cheery post about how great spring is, and how it's Beltane, and for once I'll have time to enjoy the height of spring without worrying about when a port-a-potty was gonna be delivered, or if somebody is gonna go into anaphylaxis from a bee sting. But now I'm too grumpy.

See, I could never maintain a real blog, because all I ever do it vent. Thank Crom for LJ, huh?

Would it be really pathetic of me to ask for jokes or links to cute things? I think I do that at least once every month.
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