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I am cranky about saving money.

Although, if I am strictly honest with myself, most of the time I am cranky about not saving it. Or rather, wanting to save, but ultimately being unable to discipline myself not to buy junk I don't need.

I was discussing this with cereselle, and she decided that this is a universal enough problem that a support community is in order. Please check out Cranky Savers. To use cereselle's own words, it's a support comm for people trying to change their spending habits. It's not just about how to stop spending money, it's about how to be okay with not spending money.

In addition to offering each other suggestions for what has worked to help us stay on budget, we can offer close-to-real-time support for those days when the desire to "numb out" to the crushing pain of modern life with a little retail therapy gets overwhelming. There are often alternate solutions that will be more constructive. For example, if you have the urge to drop a bunch of cash at Amazon, why not check www.bookmooch.com first?

I know many of you have long since learned the magic of managing your resources wisely, but for those of you how still have a way to go, you're in good company. Join us!


May. 4th, 2008 04:19 am (UTC)
What a cool community to start. I hope it is helpful.

I thought about posting a "trick" that worked for me when I first moved out here, but you know how bad I am about getting on LJ. Well, feel free to share the following, if it sounds helpful.

Here's what helped me stick to a super (icky) tight budget:
I used cash to pay for most everything (besides bills) and decided that I could only pull out the cash once a week on Tuesday (or whatever day you pick).

I figured out the weekly amount by analyzing my bills and income. It was kinda a rough guess, considering some bills are more expensive in the winter and one only needs shampoo every so often, but I learned a lot about my spending habits through the trial and error.

I picked Tuesday because I needed to bring lunch to work every day to stick to my budget. So, I'd have the money if I forgot my lunch or something, but I also didn't want to spend the money during the week so I could have some to have fun on the weekend. The desire to have fun was a good incentive for me to avoid the little stuff during the week (snacks and stuff).

The first few weeks were rough, as I learned how much I spend and need, but then I got more and more creative to stick to my budget.

Thankfully, after a couple years and the raises that came with them, I am no longer on that icky tight budget, but I still have my weekly cash allowance that gives me a sense of how much I'm spending without having to spend much time thinking about it.



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