Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

not much between despair and ecstasy

I won't mince words. This winter has been one of the worst for me in recent memory. It has sucked. But with February on the waning side, I'm starting to be cautiously optimistic. I'm trying to do every little thing I can think of to keep my spirits up.

One of the lovely things my darling E has done for me is to create some mixes I can listen to on my commute, which have been such a boon when the car is cold, and the sun isn't up yet. This morning, I popped in the Ridicu-Mix. I went from Rock me Amadeus to Cop Killer to One Night in Bangkok. Did you know that's Anthony Stewart Head's brother on that one? Talented family there. Oh, and of course, It's Raining Men! I dare you to listen to It's Raining Men without feeling just a little bit cheered.

You should really consider digging up all your eye-rollingest guilty pleasures and putting together your own Ridicu-Mix. It really helps!
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