Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Meaningful Holidays

Many of you are already doing the Handmade Holidays Pledge. Good for you! Here are some links that may be helpful to those of you who want to do some hand-making, rather than or in addition to buying handmade.

Craftster challenges you to make 50% of your gifts yourself. (Lots of ideas in there)
Sew, Mama, Sew’s Handmade Holidays Month.
One Hour Craft has super quick and easy ideas

And of course you should support your crafty friends when you can.

Consider giving to charity in the names of your loved ones. You can find an alternative gift fair in your area, or go straight to a charity that's set up for gift giving, such as Heifer.

Finally, I want to see more of you folks posting the holiday wish list meme! I really love it when some need or wish of a friend's happens to match up nicely with an item, service, or resource I can provide. It's selfish of me, I know, but I demand that you people make with the wish lists! I promise I'll get around to posting one of my own soon, so as not to be hypocritical.


ETA:Oh, ferchrissake! No, there is no adult content in this post. Sorry, folks. I accidentally made a change to this journal that should have been made to my fic journal. This whole "adult concepts" thing is ridiculous.
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