Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Remember those packages I was sending?

I've seen quite a few of you doing the meme where you offer to send gifts out to a number of folks. That seems like precisely the sort of thing I dig, but of course, I have a previous promise to fulfill before I do it.

Back in March I offered to send out packages of randomness. I got about 14 requests, and I sent about half of them out. I will now make a project of getting the remaining half-dozen or so complete in the next week.

Furthermore, I still have scads of nifty things lying around that I need to jettison, so if another 5 folks (who didn't previously sign up) would like a random package of stuff, just leave me a comment, and then email me your snail mail address at msfenriss at gmail. You'll get some neat junk! More or less suited to my understanding of your tastes and interests! w00t!
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