Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I like warm weather

This, on the other hand I could do without.

From Capital Weather: The temperature rose several degrees an hour through the morning…and by 1:03, the National Airport temperature hit 102°, breaking the record for the date set in 1930. After retreating several degrees temporarily, the temperature was back up to 101° at 4pm. Except for the 97° at 2pm, the reading at National has been at or above 100° for 5 consecutive hours.

Five. Consecutive. Hours.

Wasn't there a Siouxsie song about 92 degrees? Feh! Lightweight.

ETA: Note that CapWeather posted that a few hours ago. At the moment (roughly 9PM) it's a balmy 93. And our AC doesn't work very well...
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