Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

One Time Offer! Don't Miss Out!

I'm cleaning up my craft/storage/junk room, in the hope that one day I will actually have space to work in there. It has become evident that I have way too much random stuff. All kinds of fiddling little things that are too cool, useful, pretty, strange, etc. to throw out, but which I really do not need. Some things can be donated to charities, and I'm doing a lot of that, but other things aren't suitable.

So, here's the deal. Email me your snail-mail address (msfenriss at gmail) and I will send you a package of random stuff. I'll attempt to tailor the package to your interests, and I assure you that none of the items will be junk. But I get to decide what you receive, so you gotta trust me to provide you with stuff I think you will find useful, or at least inspiring or interestingly weird.

I just need to off load some stuff, and I really like sending packages.

[ETA: OK, I think that's it folks. I got a lot of packages to put together now, so if you haven't already emailed me, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the next time. Sorry.]
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