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Second Life Query

Hey, cats and kittens. How many of you folks have Second Life accounts, or have considered getting one? I've had one for ages, but I rarely used it. However, as of yesterday, cereselle and I have set up a group and bought land. Elle is actually building us this fantastic, marble clubhouse. I'm awestruck, really. Now that it's possible to actually build things to one's exact specifications in a virtual world, it's kinda of like that magnificent future they've always promised us has arrived...

Anyway, our group is called the Diodati Society. If you want an invitation, let us know, and you're as good as joined up. We're having fun with the building aspects right now, and if we can purchase more land (which is easier with the help of more folks) we might try to set up a quaint, Addams Family type house somewhere, complete with monsters in the basement, etc. We can throw little salons and shindigs! It'll be a blast.

BTW, my SL name is Candace Bethune, and cereselle is Ceres Eilde. If you decide to create an account, naming her as the person who referred you benefits the group. Just FYI.


Feb. 28th, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, look at those cool arched windows! It's looking great, hon. Wonderful job. And I just love the marble.

Will look for the Ivory Tower tutorials ASAP. I've got a pretty big To Do list for this evening, so it might not be real soon, but I'll get to it. I would just love to learn about building. And I agree that it will be more fun to figure it out for ourselves rather than to buy pre-fab.

I've wandered around some cool buildings lately, and I'd love to try my hand at some pillars or scrollwork around doorways and windows. Oh, and wainscoting! There must be wainscoting!

I figure you can make the images in Photoshop, import them as jpgs and just apply them, right? I'll figure out how. Wheeeee!
Feb. 28th, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)
I can now do wainscoting (for the goffik house when we build it), and I have made textures of bas-relief marble. :D I'll apply those soon so you can check it out. And there will DEFINITELY be pillars. And arches.

You figure correctly. Clothes are more complicated, though. Wheeee!



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