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Second Life Query

Hey, cats and kittens. How many of you folks have Second Life accounts, or have considered getting one? I've had one for ages, but I rarely used it. However, as of yesterday, cereselle and I have set up a group and bought land. Elle is actually building us this fantastic, marble clubhouse. I'm awestruck, really. Now that it's possible to actually build things to one's exact specifications in a virtual world, it's kinda of like that magnificent future they've always promised us has arrived...

Anyway, our group is called the Diodati Society. If you want an invitation, let us know, and you're as good as joined up. We're having fun with the building aspects right now, and if we can purchase more land (which is easier with the help of more folks) we might try to set up a quaint, Addams Family type house somewhere, complete with monsters in the basement, etc. We can throw little salons and shindigs! It'll be a blast.

BTW, my SL name is Candace Bethune, and cereselle is Ceres Eilde. If you decide to create an account, naming her as the person who referred you benefits the group. Just FYI.


Feb. 27th, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
Gotcha. I figure once basic account holders see what kind of fun can be had if we have enough land, they might spring for premium, and donate their land credits. I find that I barely even feel the effects of a quartlerly membership. When I see Eleanor on Thursday, I shall try to pursuade her.

Also? I was looking around at prefabs this morning for about 10 miutes (not much time) but I found some inCREDible places! Even if only for building inspiration, you should search for (let's see if I can remember correctly) AE Industries Pre-fab alley. Something like that. Check out their Gothic Pride Castle! Leik Woah! I think some other ones might be even cooler! And I think they are fully modifiable, so if we ever get a really big chunk of land, we could maybe buy one and then go to town making it our own.

Or not. But they are big fun to look at! *smooch*
Feb. 27th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
Oh man, are we going to end up with Neuschwanstein Noir? :D

We could buy prefab... but I'm having such fun figuring out how to build...

Inspiration, though, I can go for that. :) Argh, I want to leave work and go home and play! Half an hour to go!



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