Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Clubbing and Music for Massage

First item: Anyone going to Alchemy tonight?

Second item: One of the hardest things for me to deal with as a massage therapist is the insipid music we generally listen to during sessions. I believe I've asked for specific music suggestions before, and more of those would be welcome (please! I need help here) but I'd also like to get input from you about what kind of music you like when receiving bodywork.

I am working from the assumption that most people want very soft, almost subliminal music when they're on the table. I assume that anything with up-beat drum rhythms, or foreground lyrics that can be easily understood take away from the experience. Unfortunately, most of the available music that fits these criteria is painfully soporific for me, or at least makes me think of supermarkets and elevators.

I sometimes play Delirium during sessions, but some of the songs get so bouncy and upbeat that I'm afraid they are throwing the clients out of the "massage space."

So, I realize that I might not have a representative cross-section of the population here, but what are your preferred kinds of music for massage and bodywork? Are my assumptions sound, or do you actually enjoy bouncy music in that context?

Incidentally, I do intend to start asking clients some of these questions, too, but only the ones I've gotten to know fairly well.

Thanks! Your input is much appreciated.
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