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OMG, I wrote a story!

Knowing that some of you don't care for fanfiction in general, I've created a new journal where I will post that stuff: fenfic. Currently, there's only one piece, which I just posted. It's the Doctor Who fic I've been working on all summer! Done at last.

Here's the direct link, but don't read it from work, and don't read it just to roll your eyes at me for writing it, OK? That would be needlessly unkind. If you choose to read it, I'd be grateful for feedback. Just be a little gentle. I'm terrified here.

Many thanks to my darling husband, and many of you great people for putting up with me as I was writing it.

Sometime next month, there will be an SG1 story for a ficathon I'm doing, and I might even eventually get around to doing some original fiction. I'm gonna try not to spam you guys with it, so feel free to friend fenfic if you want to. Um. Sorry for alliterating.


Sep. 28th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
Hey there. Well, I've been working my way through Shards. You've got great comic timing! Funny is so hard to do, and you clearly do it very well.

I have to be frank, though, and fess up that I have no frame of reference for Smallville at all, and I usually find crossovers hard to take. So far, it seems like you're taking this one to an interesting place, but... over 26,000 words?!?!

Dude, you are prolific aren't you?

I'll keep at it when I'm able. Really, the quality of your dialog (as far as I've gotten) is really excellent and compelling. If I'm having any trouble, it's with keeping track of events. When you take on a writing project, you go for "ambitious," don't you? ;)



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