Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Today is better

I got to spend the day with my honey yesterday. The way things are currently, we almost never get a day off at the same time, but he took off yesterday. We had some couch cuddling time, some productive-around-the-house time, and a visit with a friend we never see.

I'm feeling much more optimistic. I'm going to be trading massage for tattoo work soon, so I will no longer have to be embarrassed at how little ink I have (yay!). I'm writing for the first time in... jebus, I think about 15 years. I'm doing more with graphics, and feeling inspired to sew. Oh, and I think I'm gonna get into a yoga class, so that at least one day a week I'll have some scheduled activity.

In sp00ky news, has anyone heard about the new animated show on SciFi, Amazing Screw-on Head? It's supposed to be a "steam-punk meets Lovecraft" sort of thing, but in a satirical kind of way. I watched a little bit of the pilot on the SciFi* website, and it looks promising.

*always pronounced "skiffy" in my head
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