Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I’m weak again. Indiscreet again. A fan-girling, fic-writing freak again.

Sigh. If periodically giving in to an obsessive fannish indulgence is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Let me just select a single item from my growing list of “New Who” related links to inflict on you…

Wishing there was some way you could soak up the Captain Jack Harkness experience without watching the whole 2005 season of Doctor Who, or waiting for his spin-off to air in the States, gods know when? Fortunately, some amiable fan has distilled the essence of Captain Jack into a single, frolicsome fanvid! (It requires downloading, but it is cute enough to warrant it.)

On an unrelated note, after much avoidance and trepidation, we finally watched the original Japanese version of Ringu last night. It is scary, like woah. Sadako can totally kill you with her brain.

And here I am, in a room alone with a TV. I think I’ll go to work now.
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