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Well, you can tell Joss wasn’t involved in this one. Our female characters were pretty uniformly striped of their power and autonomy. Mystique? Once she’s no longer a mutant, “hell hath no fury.” Rogue? Nice to see she finally had the sense to reject her true self so that she could be with the boy she loved. And the Phoenix, primordial force of the Universe, needed Wolverine to save her by (...wait for it...) running her through.

Had Xavier died telling Jean not to let the Phoenix control her, and had she then, you know, succeeded in not letting it control her, his death might have had some meaning. Scott’s death was off-screen and utterly pointless. Several important characters were introduced without so much as 30 seconds of background, because we had to save time for a couple more flaming car projectiles.

All that said, it still had its moments. Or maybe I’m just hopelessly under-critical. I really loved the other two movies, and I wanted to love this one, too. As it was, I just sort of tolerated it.

Oh, and am I the only one who kept being reminded of Chiana from Farscape when Storm was on screen? The hair is an obvious reason, but she even sort of acted like her a bit from time to time.

In other news, we have no air conditioning at the massage office where I work. Yesterday it was about 92 degrees in the treatment rooms and today may be worse. We are giving clients the option to reschedule. And, frankly, I’m not willing to collapse from heat exhaustion, so we’ll see if I can manage to do any sessions today.
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