Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Post Beltane Post

Phew. Well, it went splendidly. After getting home Sunday, I had to jump right back into giving massage Monday and Tuesday, despite being bitten, bruised and scratched. I am delighted, however, to find that my body seems equal to the task, despite being so out of shape. Here I am today, running all over the place, working and doing errands. Being busy is great medicine.

I've got less than two weeks before my Mom comes to visit to make our craft/storage/junk room into a guest room she can bare to stay in. So, like, please be understanding if I am unable to return to post-Beltane levels of social interactions for a while.

And thanks again to all you lovely folks who came to the event and helped out (because this year, just about everyone who came did help, bless your hearts!)
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