Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Food so far

Here is a list of what folks are bringing:

  • Xian: pickled herring, smoked salmon, pickles, strong cheese and beer for lunching; Either goose or lamb for the feast
  • Eleanor and Vanessa: if I recall correctly, a barley dish
  • Cynthia: Baked apples, shortbread, gingerbread
  • Chief: Ham, “and some other stuff”
  • Vince and Elise: Turkey
  • Lisa: Lentil soup, either Spinach and Asparagus dishes or an array of fresh veggies; hummus, cucumber and other sandwich fixings for Saturday/Sunday lunches.
  • Kabi and Joey: something stewish. And bread.
  • Myra and entourage: Yams for roasting, homemade breads, fruit for breakfasts
  • Lori and Ken: Dishes of roasted garlic and carrots
  • Fenriss: cheese and/or mushroom pasties, herb and honey butters, fruit, nuts and cheeses, flatbreads, a contribution for Sunday Breakfast, and hopefully some additional surprises

Please let me know if there are errors or changes to this. Anyone who hasn't spoken up about food, please do so!
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