Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I guess it's time for my weekly update... I really don't intend to be so lame. Just busy.

Nikki was in town this weekend, which was very pleasant. Li'l Lisa came over and brought Shrek, and Nikki bought some very good wine. It was an excellent way to fend off the Sunday night blues.

I'm glad it's a short week. I'm tired a lot this time of year. But hopefully, we will have our full-spectrum light before the holiday. I have high hopes that it will perk me up.

Here is a link to a good fact sheet about SAD. I guess what I have is technically "Winter Worsening" since I do have symptoms at other times of year. It's just that the Prozac keeps it pretty well under control until about September.

When autumn rolls around, I get pretty lethargic and anhedonic, though not exactly miserable (most of the time). I usually describe the feeling as "how a bear would feel if you dragged her out of her cave in mid-December and just left her lying about 15 feet from the opening." I just can't find the energy to drag myself back in. It's like; "Crap. It's cold, and my fur is crystallizing, but the cave is sooooo far away!"
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