Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I wish I were at Mardi Gras right now. I'm using my Pirate icon from 2000 in honor of the occasion, and as a reminder to myself that I will do it again someday, by the gods!

I seriously considered trying to go down there as a reward to myself for getting past the Certification, but I'm now kind of glad I didn't. I somehow expected the stress to let up after the exam, but I hadn't considered how the licensing process (not to mention trying to find some context in which to start practicing professionally) would aversely affect the blood pressure.

And speaking of blood pressure, I think I need to have it checked. I'm tired and headachy a lot of the time, and I've noticed the blood vessels in my shoulders and hands seem bluer and more visible lately. Extreme stress can be a factor in hypertension, can't it? Jebus. I need to get back into the gym to trim some more of these pounds, but I'm worried I'll pass out on the treadmill!

In lighter news, I finally figured out how to use ImageReady to make animated gifs. Hooray! (Thanks to splifford for the encouragement.)

Here's my first attempt, which is a gift for my beloved mercurialgirl:

The images were ganked from the webcomic Metanoia, about which the husband says: "any comic that's about angels and demons waging an epic battle had better be pretty engaging." I think it's pretty engaging. As far as we can tell, there's nothing that's specifically NSFW, although the content is obviously a little intense. It's got major bishonen! You should check it out.

Happy Lundi Gras, tout le monde. Here's to February being almost over, non?

ETA:Huh. That icon had a border before. Now it doesn't seem to. Sorry, EJ. I'll try to fix it tonight at home.
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