Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Stir crazy

OK, I'm doing pretty good with the study, and I'm starting to feel more confident. The mood is high but I am, omg, so restless!

My mp3 player broke. I cannot go for walks without music. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Anybody know where I can get a good deal on a new player? I'd break down and get an iPod, but I doubt the budget would bear it.

The point is, I've had virtually no physical activity since the holidays. Haven't been to the gym. Haven't been out dancing. Just utterly sedentary, and it feels awful. Week after next, I will be back in the gym regularly, but in the mean time, I've got that "cooped up inside" feeling that is such a major contributing factor to winter yuck.

I may be doing some good old manual labor on Saturday morning (digging holes, in fact! yay!) but that is only if it isn't too freezing cold, or raining or snowing a lot. Sigh. I want to get my hands in some dirt and play with seedlings, already!

Sigh. 39 days till spring. 8 days till exam.
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