Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Go me

Today I have:

  1. not eaten anything "bad" despite the inexplicable abundance of pizza, cake and other items in the lunch room.

  2. completed at least two really difficult, painful work projects that have been plaguing my sleep since Monday.

  3. discovered some heartening facts about the certification exam (it requires a lower score to pass than I thought, and if you pass, the records give no numeric score, so "by the skin of my teeth" is OK).

  4. had nearly a gallon of water, and roughly 5 servings of vegetables and fruit.

  5. not had any fits or anxiety attacks that required medication.

Er. Knock on wood.

ETA: Oh, I also put letters in the mail to three people, all of whom are likely to read this at some point. It could possibly be YOU!
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