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I was up all night sewing for Kitty and Steve's Roman feast. I'm making tunics for Chris Petherick, and his Dad, who are playing Gauls. I think their quality is grievously sub-par, but Eric points out that they are decidedly less rough hewn than anything a real ancient Gaul would have worn. Anyway, I'm having fun with it.

Also, I have declared it to be Halloween season. Yes, I know it's only July, but you can never start too early. My new hobby is collecting antique Halloween decorations, which is made dangerously easy by eBay.

Here's a very cool site that offers some pretty, charming old stuff. I understand they'll be putting up a lot more in the future. While their prices are a bit high, it's nice to visit because they really have the aesthetic down pat. There's a lovely warmth about an old fashion Halloween that's hard to describe. All those old diecut black cats and Victorian postcards with pumkins and witches on them just make me unreasonably happy.

Oh... and here is the project that I plan to start work on next month. Chris is going to help me with it. It's a tad ambitious, but the result will be SO cool, haunting our big livingroom window!
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