Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Holiday cheer

Got home last night to not one, but two packages for me! I was expecting presents I'd ordered for other folks, but gettin' loot of my very own was a happy surprise.

First, I got a tanktop that says "Kree" from my beloved fandom girlfriend, tafkar. I just love it! And apparently E does, too.

The package also contained one of those white, oval stickers, only this one says SG-1! I'd be a tremendous geek to put it on my car, wouldn't I? E points out that quiet a few actual Air Force personnel work in his building, and he'd likely get laughed at for it. But I'm gonna persuade him anyway.

The second package was from peregrin8 and contained a vegetarian cookbook. Yay! I can never have enough of those. She also included her holiday letter, which was newsy and quite inspiring, as she is doing so many cool things with her life.

Then, cyntergomes brought us devilishly good cookies (some of which my "helpful" husband slipped into my bag this morning) and a Playmobile advent calendar that has all these strange little animals in it. Including guinea pigs. I have never seen guinea pigs included in a nativity scene, but they are cute, so there you have it. I am considering to what nefarious purposes I can put my little, plastic menagerie.

We are so lucky. Thanks so much, mes chers!
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