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A Plea for Study Help/Advice

I feel like I've lost the last 2 months to the process of getting my head meds sorted out. The panic attacks of Wellbutrin have now given way to the 5:30 AM wake-up call of Prozac. At least I know that in a week or so, I'll be back on my usual sleep schedule. Prozac and I are old, if somewhat quarrelsome, friends. I may lose my libido, and have a harder time losing weight, but at least I know it will not pull any funny stuff on me.

Now, to focus on the Massage Cert. Ugh. Judging by the numerous study guides I've got, there are going to be lots of questions on lots of topics we barely touched on in school. I need to know a ton about Chinese Medicine, hydrotherapy, macro and micronutrients of all sorts… all things I'm not actually allowed to meddle with when I have a practice. It makes no sense!

I know that many of you fine folks have a lot more formal education that I do. Can you offer any study advice? I have gone and purchased my own weight in study guides, anatomy books, flashcards, etc., but I'm kind of at a loss for study infrastructure if you follow me.

Do you find it's helpful to sit at a desk with few distracting items in view? What time of day works best? Can you point me to any references (books, sites, whatever) on study procedures that you have found helpful? It feels like I'm terribly out of practice. Any thoughts you might have will be of immeasurable value to me!


Dec. 14th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
I was not the best at studying when I was in school. That being said, a few tips that worked for me:

1. Don't try to do it right after eating. If you need to break the study to eat, go and take a walk after your meal before trying to hit the books again.

2. Flashcards are a real good memory device, because they work both ways. You can learn things from A-->B and from B-->A with the same tool. They are bi-directional instead of uni-directional in terms of the pattern of the information going into your head. :)

3. Study with a friend. Have that friend quiz you. (I will happily come over and quiz you. I helped my mom get A's in German and Psych that way.)
Dec. 14th, 2005 05:35 pm (UTC)
Yay! Wonderful tips. And, some time in January, I will definitely take you up on your offer to quiz me!



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