Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Fairwell to the Big O

Last night, lounging amongst the pillows, enjoying our evening slumber party before bed, we got to talking about the club nights around here. ChiarOscuro is about to croak, and since Nation is getting demolished along with the rest of Southeast, Alchemy will have to move or die. We're losing a lot of venues. I was expressing a little worry about it when E said "There's money to be made. Someone will always figure out a way to cram goths into a filthy hole and sell them rot-gut rail liquor."

This cheered me significantly.

Kirstin (whose new night, Ecumenica, would benefit from your patronage) says she thinks we might look at Northeast around New York Ave. for the next crop of venues. nixieq points out that this would be convenient for Baltimoreans who might like to pop down the Parkway.

In other news, my head is currently not spinning, and my office is holding largely still. This is encouraging.
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