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I spent about 4 hours making icons

It was a pleasant and restful weekend, if not terribly productive. We saw Walk the Line with cyntergomes and joanarkham. It was... long. Not bad, but it could have been at least half an hour shorter.

On Saturday, we got to see the Pethericks off for their New Zealand vacation, and then we watched the 1997 movie Wilde. It has Stephen Fry in the titular role, and a very young, impetuous Jude Law... *acquires far away expression*

Er, anyway, I was inspired to knock out some icons. In fact, I made about 20, and I've put most of those here for public consumption. In addition to the Wilde themed ones, there are vintage pictures of cute girls, a few on the theme of Buddhism, and a nice, scathing political one. They are mostly pretty simple, and you should feel free to add text or modify in anyway you like.

Wilde, Fry as Wilde, and Bosie (the narcissistic little ingrate that landed the poor man in jail):


An assortment of vintage cheesecake. That's Mata Hari in the fabulous beaded bra, of course. The one on the end there is Sarah Bernhardt as Cleopatra. I threw in the Salome illustration for good measure.


Moving from the profane to the sacred, here are a few on the theme of Buddhism. Looking at pictures of the Dalai Lama always calms me.


And finally, here's an important newsflash! (Thanks to rionnkelly for bringing the screencap to my attention.)


Dec. 7th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)
Well, I think a lot of people aren't terribly comfortable with strangers writing and reading lurid stories about them. Many folks consider RPS highly disrespectful.

Ah. Yes it is. I'll keep it in my own head.

Lady Star Perv

It is a riff on Pagan naming convention and "That is Ms. Perv to you!"
Since theoritically I am a Priestess...



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