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Very cool item #1
Last night we got to go see the premiere of boadiccea's new film Open Cam. It is a fun, engrossing... uh, gay sex romantic comedy thriller? I think that's how you'd categorize it. We had a blast. In addition to being the assistant director, B had a brief part in it, and as much as I want to spoil you on what it was, I won't. It was very cute though. And now she has her own imdb entry! Go B!

Very cool item #2
Now, I know I should really be saving and being responsible with my income, but I just made a purchase I couldn't resist. I am getting a 5'6", fully-articulated, model human skeleton! Yay! It's the perfect study aide for the National Certification Board, and it'll help me in my career as a massage therapist. Which is the only reason I would buy such a thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with décor or scaring the neighbors. Nothing.

Which brings us to... today's sp00ky links!

You may have noticed that one of the things I like best about Halloween, is the remembrance of Halloween Past. There's something soothing and homely about Halloween that even the winter holidays can't match. And, as we know that sugar is one of the key ingredients of the holiday, I give you a good source for hard to fine, nostalgic candy. Mmmm, tooth-rotting!

In the Uncanny Valley category, I figured you might enjoy some alarming art dolls. Here are two flavors: almost cute creepy and unambiguously alarmingly creepy.

Happy Friday, mes cheres.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 02:45 am (UTC)
Hi! Been studying a lot and am very tired. Cannot recall what I said in email... had to do with unfortunate anmials, yes?

Yes, please do call tomorrow. Love you.



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